Endangered Beeezzz

Little insects, like bees, are vital for our life.

Yet, they rarely get a mention. Bees perform many important functions for humans. The juicy watermelon, the warm mango and the staple apple, none of these would be possible without the work of the bees. Vast majority of the fruits and vegetables we eat are pollinated by bees.


Last month, seven bee species were declared endangered by the US Fish and wild life services.


This is the picture of a Hyleaus bee. This picture is from Wikipedia.



The endangered bees belong to genus Hyleaus. Although they are found all over North America, there 60+ species of Hylaeus bees living in Hawaii. Many species are restricted to a single island. Some species have not been collected for more than a century and could possibly be extinct. On the other hand, scientists are still discovering and reporting new species of Hyelaus.

Human-bee relationship goes back a long time. Humans have been extracting honey from the bees for more than 7000-years. There is a lot we know about the bees.


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There is a lot more we need to know.




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  1. Nita Pokharel

    Honey made by bees are very important for us for medicinal purpose and a sweet.

    1. Rani Iyer

      Thank you, Nita! Yes, indeed honey is becoming rare in our diet as we rely more on artificial sweeteners.

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