Thank you for stopping by my art page. You will find my art samples in this page. I draw sacred art and botanical illustrations. These days I am trying out folk art. Please visit the page for regular updates. Thank you so much for your encouragement and support!

All art (C) Rani Iyer. Please contact me if you wish to use or need any art work. Thank you!

Sacred Art

Each sacred art is filled with the seed letter of abundance in Shreem written in Sanskrit script. I have an entire folder full of these samples. It takes a while to create these art samples.

2014 art display at WSU

2013 Art display at Tri-cities

Here are some samples of art that was exhibited at WSU Tri-cities as a part of Regional Women exhibit.

More samples of Sacred Art. Made with ink on paper.

Rani Iyer art
Sacred Art: Ganesha and Lotus
Sacred Lotus
Sacred Art: Lotus




Sacred Art
Sacred Conch and Peacock feather
Sacred Art Lotus
Sacred Lotus



Sacred Lotus
Sacred Lotus
Kamala by Rani Iyer
Sacred Lotus..Kamala

Sacred Lotus- Kamalamba
Kamalakshi- Lotus eyed Divine Mother

Third-eye Awakened Durgae
Kamala Maya
Kamala maya- Varied flowers

Assorted Lotus
Assorted Lotus!




Botanical / Folk Art

I drew the art presented here with ball point pen and colored them with ball point pen. These drawings were created in October 2018 as a part of #Inktober.

If you want to hone your skills, draw everyday. Stay inspired. Join a group that encourages you to draw and share everyday or as frequently as you can.

Rani Iyer art
Art samples


Rani Iyer art
Traditional Art with color


Folk art based Botanical Art
Botanical art in folk style