Celebrate Bald Eagles in January

January 21-22 is celebrated as Bald Eagle appreciation days. You can bundle up with your family and head outdoors to sight some bald eagles. It is relatively easy to see bald eagles near water with tall, large trees on the shore.

Did I hear you ask where to find them?

Follow this map and select the state to find the large bird near your home. If you live anywhere in the United States, you can find them in the contiguous United States, Alaska, except Hawaii.


Have you heard the story of Beauty?

Beauty is a bald eagle who was shot in the beak and left to die. I heard about beauty and her story from Jane. I was very sad when I heard about the suffering Beauty went through. However, I was happy to see what Janie was doing to help Beauty heal.

Here are some pictures form the event where I heard the story of Beauty.

Birds of Prey
Rani Iyer with Janie Valtkamp
Beauty is still alive and provides inspiration!
Janie may bring raptors to your meeting or presentation!

I won’t tell you the whole story, because Janie has written a book about Beauty! You can find the book here.


The story of Beauty’s recovery is written as a book.

Author Deborah Lee Rose helped the story reach thousands of kids. Thanks to all their efforts, today, the story of Beauty is being read by many kids, teachers, and parents.


Where ever you live in the world, you can support bald eagles and other birds needing rehabilitation by donating to Birds of Prey Northwest. Visit them online here http://www.birdsofpreynorthwest.org/home.html

You can share this post, talk about beauty, and support wild life to celebrate the Bald Eagle Appreciation day.

I leave you with a video to watch and think of the beauty of bald eagle and her beak. Designing the beak was another engineering breakthrough.


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