Everyone loves water!

Our life is intimately connected with water in every way. From our tears to the weather. Water is always in news too. Too much water causes floods, too little causes drought. And from times since humans have first walked on the Earth, water has been the driving force of life.

Water cycle is taught in classes at all levels. The beauty of water cycle is that it expands and grows in complexity as the cognition of the students grow. NGSS grade-level expectation provides fantastic ideas to teach students about water cycle. More important for parents and teachers is to know about the new books out there that demystify the water cycle for youngest readers.

Here are my favorite picks from the recent books.  Use this #Booklist to choose #Books for introducing #WaterCycle to your #YoungScientist.

Share your discoveries with all of us!

Water 1

Published in 2015.

Lyrical text with great illustrations.



Water 2

Published, 2013.

Water cycle is presented in verse.



Water 3
Published 2015.

Water forms told in verse with stunning original pictures.



Water 4

Published 2015.

Cartoon style book introduces water cycle.



Water 5

Published 2014.

The title is filled with lyrical text and soft-wonderful illustrations.