New Book Release: The Science of Super Strength and Super Speed

The Science of Super Strength and Super Speed

Humans love stories. And when the story involves a quest, the story gets engrossing. Heroes encounter several challenging situations. These situations provide the hero with many opportunities for showcasing their bravery, strength or prowess. Such tales endure through generations of narrations and remain as evergreen favorites.

Classical works from China, India, or the Greeks and Romans showcases the extraordinary feats of superheroes. Some superheroes resolve problems for people, such as killing monsters, using their extraordinary physical superpowers. Others have exciting adventures in exotic lands. Many superheroes interacted with gods. The common trait for all these superheroes was the superpower they possessed.

Heroes have been in the limelight since the dawn of human life. Science is now attempting to explain how the superpowers can express in human beings. They have several clues. Does it reside in the genes? Or is it the muscle? Maybe it is the bone? Indeed, the superheroes have tremendous energy. They have super physical strength. They are capable of walking alone into dangerous situations and coming out alive. Such heroes live to tell their deeds and exploits. How does their mind work?

Ruminating on the deeds of the heroes, we will immediately have many questions. First, we want to check the possibility of all human beings becoming powerful. What was the secret to their energy levels?  With so many clues, so many options to explore, teams of scientists are studying several aspects of superpowers.

This new book provides information regarding the science of super strength and super speed for young readers. If you have a curious-minded youngster in your class or home, this book will undoubtedly excite them. The Science of Super Strength and Super Speed discusses some of the recent developments in science relating to the science of superpowers.  In a series of blog posts in the coming weeks, I will share with my readers, several exciting stories I discovered during my research. Please stay with me and join the discovery and discussion on this fascinating subject.

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