Healing Forests
Healing forests (C) Rani Iyer, 2019

Healing Forests

Healing properties of nature invite people to immerse in nature for rest and rejuvenation. When communities recognize the power of nature to heal, they begin to promote and protect the…

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Wilderness Therapy
(C) Rani Iyer

Wilderness Therapy

We live in a paradox. On the one hand, we proudly uphold creativity, progress, and civilization that is built on human ingenuity. On the other, we distance ourselves from the…

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Get out to improve your mood

Getting in contact with nature improves our mood picture courtesy Every Tuesday, in Toronto, a group of people gather in the front steps of an old building. They have sturdy…

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What happens when you put kids under trees?

Every parent in the western world is grappling with a strange problem- the need to entertain their children.  Not only do they take care of the kids, they must also…

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