Patterns, Patterns everywhere

Pattern coverIn the season of Halloween and as the last greens of the summer fades into red and yellow, here I sit with a glowing book…full of colors, lots of science, and filled with life. The wonderful book is filled with stunning, glorious images that are a feast to our eyes, and the tiny speech balloons filled with math facts.

Patterns show up in unusual places and in many things we see and use. It shows up in stripes, in fabric blocks, over roof tops, on the walls, in patterns you knit, patterns rotate, flip patterns, kaleidoscope patterns, symmetry….you get the idea it is endless. This is a perfect book to stimulate the youngest readers and introduce them to patterns. Classroom extensions and home extensions of the book can be easily added. This is a wonderful book introducing the concept for the early readers.

Try the talking points from this book to open conversation with any youngster. Ask them, for instance- Can I tell you about mud cloth? About the patterns, they are everywhere? Sooner or later, even the reluctant reader is drawn into the color and the ‘cool’ness of the information presented. Young readers love nonfiction when it is supported by photographs. Read it and you will love it!

Author: Bruce Goldstone

Title: I see a pattern

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company, LLC.

Year: 2015