Capturing the #Carbon!

The pathway of understanding #GlobalWarming is filled with #science. Global warming is accelerating climate change. And climate change is changing the shape of our land boundaries and our life as we know it.

Global Warming refers to how the temperature on the surface of the Earth has risen steadily since 1880’s when the era of Industrial revolution began. The annual temperatures have gone up by an average of 0.8 degree Celsius in 2015. Here is how the #Earth looks with an increased atmospheric #temperature:


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In 2014, scientists from all over the world reported that they were more than 95% certain that global warming was mostly caused by human activities. They declared that we were living in the #Anthropocene Era. The #signature of this era was mainly increasing concentrations of #greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2).

My book #GreenTransport reports on how greenhouse effect operates.


When we burn fossil fuels (such as petrol, diesel, coal and natural gas), they release many other gases as a byproduct. Carbon dioxide, Methane, Nitrous oxide and Ozone are created. They remain in the air, absorbing the heat and making the atmosphere warm. The warmer temperature is one of the       cause for the #ClimateChange.


EPA Global warming


Pause here and think for a moment.

If Carbon dioxide is the main cause for global warming, can we do nothing about it? How can we stop it?

One way to stop is to reduce the amount of fossil fuels we use. #GreenTransport explores several of these options.

Another creative way would be to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide by soaking or something. Australian Scientists decided to bury the carbon back in the layer it is found in the Earth. Here is a short video about how it is done.

Now, scientists have come up with another creative way to reduce carbon dioxide. They have invented a new solar cell, which will convert atmospheric carbon-dioxide into fuel. In other words, the very gas that was problematic can perhaps now be used to provide a solution.

Hopefully this technology, will help reverse the carbon dioxide overload in atmosphere. There is hope for Earthlings yet!