IMG_1642Rani Iyer is the author of children’s books and online and print articles. She writes about science, nature, culture, human-nature interactions, and natural ecosystems. Rani Iyer has visited and worked in many temperate and tropical forest systems in Asia and North America.

Her favorite place on Earth is to be among the old growth mixed temperate evergreen rain forests at the Olympic Peninsula. Her experiences as a tropical field biologist, scientist, instructor, laboratory assistant, freelance editor, and an administrator inspire her to write. She enjoys writing for young learners and loves to learn new things every day.

Rani Iyer has a doctoral degree in Ecology and Language, Literacy and Technology. She is a member of Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, National Association of Science Writers, Northwest Science Writers Association and International Literacy Association.

Rani Iyer offers a series of sattvic, vegan cookbooks for people of all ages and stages. The first title, “No-cook Vegan Cookbook” can be bought here.



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  1. Nithyanandam, Rani ….

    I received a request to “like” your page on FaceBook — so I took a look. How wonderful you are …. and a great model.

    Do I understand that you are living in WA State? I am asking, because I am currently living here …. and it would be wonderful to connect.

    Please email me:

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